Easter themed slot games

Easter themed slot games

Easter brings with it a holiday of joy and merriment, bringing people together. There is a buzz in the air as the holiday rolls around with the warmer climate of spring around the corner. What can certainly heighten the excitement of the holiday is to indulge in a game of slots based on the same theme. This can be ideal for those looking to take a break from the busy weekend. There is also the chance to win some easy cash.

If online slots are your thing, then you certainly must check out two of the most popular Easter-themed slot games… Click here and read more about other types of online games.

Easter Surprise

There is no surprise here, but that is a good thing. The online slot from Playtech offers the best of the holiday straight up. So you have the bright colours, clear skies, and the tasty treats appearing in a delightful visual palette. The vibrancy of the slot will make you forget the cold damp weather that came before, and allow you to look forward to a glorious summer.

The game is structured along five reels and twenty pay lines. It has all the trademarks of an engaging and interesting Playtech offering that includes free spins, bonus rounds, and their signature gamble feature.

The best part is that you can adjust the bet amount according to the risk you want to take.


The second game on our list centres around one of the most popular items of the holiday – the Easter egg. It may seem a simple and straightforward slot, but when you play it you realize that the developers have added a touch of the egg hunting theme to the slot, elevating its uniqueness and excitement. Or should we say ‘egg’citement? The visual palette offers an array of pastel colours with all the popular Easter icons making an appearance on the reels.

A standout feature of the game is the pay table, which is always on show indicating how much you could win with each bet.

Try The Easter Slots

When you have some time to kill during Easter, all you have to do is try these online slots and kickstart your holiday.