Egg hunting

Egg hunting

The origins of Easter reveal the holiday to be centred around remembrance and spirituality. It is a potent reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who sought to elevate us from our dark desires and sins. The period of Lent is when one overcomes the vices and excesses in his or her life, and when that holy period is over, it is time for some fun and games.

Good Fun

Easter is a celebration, after all, and a valid excuse to have some fun. The best part is that the entire family can get involved. The Easter egg hunt can be played for hours on end without a moment of boredom. It is best if the hunt happens outdoors, but your own house can prove a good venue as well.

Time To Be A Kid

The egg hunt was originally designed with the kids in mind. Adults would secretly stow away the eggs at various locations and the kids would have a field day finding them. A game that is good for the kids can be an extremely fun exercise for the adults as well.

Staging A Perfect Hunt

We have some tips and ideas on how you can host the perfect egg hunt…

  • Variety

Try and have a variety of hidden eggs. Some of them could contain chocolates, some of them small gifts, and others could just be plain hard-boiled eggs. You could even have a special egg that sits at the heart of the hunt.

  • Location

The outdoors is a perfect place. You could probably even trek to your nearest park and host an egg hunt there for the kids. You could even rent a clubhouse and have the kids in a secure place as they go about finding the eggs. For something truly out of the box, why not place the eggs in a shallow pool, so that the kids have to either dive into the water or wade through it to find the stash.

  • Prize

What will heighten the excitement is to make the hunt into a fun competition with a prize at the end of it. This will only serve as an added reason for the kids to really get into it.

The Chocolate Hunt

Over the years the egg hunt has acquired commercial aspects as well, with chocolate manufacturers such as Cadburys organizing mass hunts where people search out their products. This has added another dimension to an Easter tradition centuries old.