How to make your own Easter decorations

How to make your own Easter decorations

It is that time of the year when the Easter Bunny has been sighted and the holiday is just around the corner. Time to bring some colour and festive cheer to your house with some creative decorations. Now, you could go out and buy the standard and stereotypical Easter decorations from your local market. But where is the fun in that? It certainly is better if you could leave your imprint on the celebration, with a little bit of help from us.

Why DIY Easter decorations?

Making your own decorations can be time consuming, but look at it this waw. The time you spend in creating your own embellishments allows you to get into the spirit of the holiday. It also draws in your family members. But the best part is that DIY decorations are cheaper and look much better than the factory-assembled ones.

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How To Make Your Own

Everyone may not be blessed with arts and crafts skills, but everyone can make some nifty Easter decorations. We bring to you some easy craft ideas that will heighten your festive mood…

  • The Eggs

Any Easter decoration list has to begin with the eggs. They are perhaps the easiest to get creative with, and all you need is a paintbrush and some acrylic colour. You will find many tips and ideas on how to go about it; our special tip is to slightly boil the eggs so that they present a hard enough surface for your fingers to work on. Even if the shells crack a bit, worry not, just paint over them! Try and use a variety of colours and motifs to design your eggs.

  • Bright Bunny Tails

It cannot be Easter without the bunny, so why not use that as an inspiration. All you need is some white chart paper and some pink threads. Cut the chart paper in the shape of a bunny, and don’t forget the ears! Then bunch up the pink threads so that it resembles the bunny’s tail. Easy to do, and great to look at. You could make a few of them and string them out near the mantel piece.

  • Colour Jars

If you are about to throw out some jars, please don’t. Instead use them to add a dash of colour to your Easter festivities. Wash and clean your jars and dry them out completely. Then get to working on them with your brush and an assortment of colours. Remember, there are no rules here. The jars provide an out of the box decoration idea that is sure to leave your guests impressed.